One Little Change

Day 8 Recently a young student came looking for dinosaur books in the library.  I took him over to the books and showed him the “Dewey” section.  He seemed pleased so I went on to help other students.   I noticed a few moments later that he was standing by the same section tears dripping […]

For the Love of School…

Day 4 I want my students to love school. I loved school.  I still love school.  I was the kid who liked writing essays.  I often read the entire summer reading list for high school English courses in the actual summer. I loved singing and performing in music class, choirs and musicals. I was not […]

Magical MakerCulture?

Day 3 As previous posts have indicated I am on a glorious journey of being the caretaker of a new library learning commons.  The latest aspect of the journey is to develop a makerspace and immerse myself in the current conversation about the maker movement. I have been gathering multiple professional resources, talking to colleagues and […]

Going Back to the Research

Day 2 Over the years I have worked hard to stand up for issues of equity and social justice in education.  I have also worked (alongside my husband) to raise our 4 daughters to stand up for themselves and others and to be loving and inclusive of all people.  This week I am putting some finishing […]