10 days of blogging – Process over Product

Day 1

So I have committed to 10 days in a row of posting to a form of online media. As an avid Twitter user already I selected my blog as the tool for this challenge.

When I started the blog last year I was excited, scared and full of ideas.  Yet each time I sat down to write, I hesitated.  This hesitation was the pressure I placed on myself to post something brilliant or at least throught-provoking. What I found was that this pressure hindered my willingness to post on a consistent basis.  Sometimes I feel like I did, indeed, contribute some meaningful ideas to the online world.  Other times I walked away and waited for a “big idea” to hit me.

This 10 day post challenge is a great way to “get over myself” – to assume both that nothing I say is meaningless and that nothing I say will be the answer to everything!

What I did notice on those days when I completed a post was that I felt an awesome sense of accomplishment and that I missed the process of writing itself. This is what prompted me to jump in on the 10 day post challenge.

The “magic” of blogging for me is the joy that writing brings me.  When the pressure to be profound is lifted the process becomes the priority.  For me, this is a very important mindset shift.  For my own children, my students, and my practice this is certainly key to my learning stance – process valued over final product – yet for myself I too often expect perfection (or at least success & completion) right away.

So – I will be brave in the face of potential writer’s block and mundane topics over the next 9 days.  Let the process of writing be the magic and if the occasional magical idea appears as well, all the better!

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