To Do Lists: Optimism or Torture?

Day 9

I just finished drafting a lengthy to do list for this week.

Why I love TO DO lists:

  • a visual representation of the many thoughts constantly flowing in my head
  • a chance to figure out what I need to plan for ahead of time
  • a tool to track my achievements (no matter how small)
  • a chance to use my new multicoloured felt tip pens
  • a way for me to prioritize

Why I loathe TO DO lists:

  • a visual representation of my failures
  • a chance to see where I neglected to plan ahead
  • a tool to track my lack of achievement (no matter how big)
  • a chance for my new felt tip pens to run out
  • a way for me misjudge my priorities

I guess it really all is about perspective.

Same list, same task, different feelings.

I will remember that this week as I help my students navigate the multitude of “TO DOs” in their school life.

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