Far Too Long Away

I am embarrassed at how long it has been since I posted a blog.  I now find the writing process relaxing, not daunting, and the feedback and collaborative dialogue exhilarating, not intimidating. So why so long away from the blog community?

I could easily blame my busy life.  4 active kids, my lovely hubby, two full time jobs, a house to care for etc.  But that has always been the situation and all of it my choice.  So I refuse to lay blame there.

I could say the time it takes to “perfect” a blog can be better spent on other things.  But I don’t feel that any of my posts are examples of perfection and truth be told the writing comes to me rather quickly.

I could complain about lack of ideas or inspiration.  Yet a keep a running list of things I just “must” blog about to flush out my thinking.  I get excited about bigs ideas and experiences quite easily so rarely am I at a complete loss.

So excuses gone – it has been far too long away. I apologize if 15 posts flow out into blog universe this weekend.  But I can’t wait to get started on that list of “things to blog about”.

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