Taking Care of Myself

I am tempted to articulate why I have been away from blogging for so, so long. I won’t waste your time with that excuse filled paragraph. It kind of doesn’t matter to be honest. Obviously, filling the gaps in the story of my experiences as an education worker over past year or so would also […]

Because of you…

It’s those unexpected, spontaneous moments that tend to happen right when you need them.  After a busy week at the OLA Superconference and some stressful moments in my personal life, I was excited to return to school and do my “regular” job.  Reconnecting with the kids and my colleagues was a welcome sense of the […]

Fear vs. Resistance

I work with amazing educators. Everyday I am challenged and inspired by the work we do and the conversations in which we engage.  Day after day impromptu professional dialogue occurs – in hallways, emails, via text, in staff rooms, offices, the library – almost anywhere.  These are not official meetings or scheduled workshops but rather […]

Is LEADERSHIP a Dirty Word?

For a wide variety of reasons I have been thinking about leadership recently.  In conversations, professional reading, Twitter chats, professional goal setting and more, the word leadership keeps coming up.  But so does this weird, uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach.  For some reason when I refer to myself as a leader or in […]