Because of you…

It’s those unexpected, spontaneous moments that tend to happen right when you need them.  After a busy week at the OLA Superconference and some stressful moments in my personal life, I was excited to return to school and do my “regular” job.  Reconnecting with the kids and my colleagues was a welcome sense of the […]

Moving Beyond Literature Circles

When I first moved up to teach middle school many years ago the conversation shifted from the importance of guided reading instruction to the value of literature circles.  These kid-friendly versions of book clubs were all the rage and teacher guides began popping up everywhere.  Moving beyond the standard novel study (the whole class reading […]

A Few Magical Days

  A few weeks ago I posted about our school’s plan to inspire a “maker” culture with our staff and students.  The addition of makerspaces to public libraries and school library learning commons is spreading rapidly throughout the library community. Yet I struggled with excitement and doubt.  My excitement seemed obvious – the chance to […]

One Little Change

Day 8 Recently a young student came looking for dinosaur books in the library.  I took him over to the books and showed him the “Dewey” section.  He seemed pleased so I went on to help other students.   I noticed a few moments later that he was standing by the same section tears dripping […]