So many thank yous

Day 6

It has been a while since I just said thank you.

Obviously I say thank every day but I mean a real, public, big picture thank you.

So here goes…

Thank you to

  • my husband for 24 years of “dating”
  • my children for keeping me guessing and laughing
  • my parents and sisters and their families for so much joy and silliness
  • my friends who I may not see often but I know are always with me
  • my mentors who push me to think, speak up and reflect about my educational practice
  • my colleagues who teach me new things each day
  • my children’s teachers (previous & current) who have worked educational miracles and truly appreciate my daughters for exactly who they are
  • my students who trust me to care about them and trust them back
  • my students’ parents and caregivers who give me the privilege of spending each day with their kids


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